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69 steps forward & 70 steps back

2011-07-25 04:40:34 by GrimCross

So, I have my plans set up and my production in progress only to be held back because of a shitty computer.

Isnt that just great.

Anyway, fuck the mouths of the innocent and small talk and get straight down to it. I have a series coming up called "TAKEOVER". Trailer hopefully up as soon as your sister gets me off becuase geez, its taking forever. My series consists of comedy mixed with offensive violent behavior for the whole family to watch! that is of course that whole family is a mature age. Also, TAKEOVER isnt the only project im working on, i still have a few more things up my sleeves *knives*. So sit back, relax, pet a fluffy kitty, and go to sleep cuz all this is gunna be a minute...

My love and Herps,


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